PAX Concludes

We just got back from PAX, and it was awesome! We played Paiko for a grand 24 hours over 6 days and now that we've returned we're ready to play some more!

Many thanks to all our play testers over the event- you can see the testing results compiled on our Facebook page. We've also used the playtesting data to update the 3player and 4-7player variants; if you're looking to expand the game, take a look down below!

Welcome to Paikō

Built to draw out the best of your intuition and tactical skill, Paiko pits you in a one-on-one duel to out-build, out-position and out-maneuver your opponent with its new style of turn-based strategy. Paiko is less daunting than chess but has more grit than checkers, and in play feels a bit like Japanese chess meets Chinese checkers. As you play, you'll find Paiko creates an engaging tactical drama with enough clarity to let you create your own play style, and enough depth to foster a long term interest.

Plus, Paiko is easy to learn, free to play and in need of your input, so take a look and try it out at home. Check these links for printable instructions, and printable cutouts for the board and tiles.

Learn to Play
Download the rulebook

Play the Game
Download the board and tiles to print and play at home

Admire the pretty pictures
The Team
Check out the people who made and polished Paiko

Give us a hand with the Paikō 3 Player and 4-7 Player Betas

Download the 3 player version of Paiko v14: Designed to be full of intrigue as befits 3 player games, while keeping a lot of strategies from its 2 player cousin. Updated on Sep 14th.

Download the 4-7 player version of Paiko v13c: For a 7 player abstract strategy game, this is designed to keep the pace. Updated on Sep 8th- Thanks, playtesters!

Updates and Upcoming Events

If you've had some time to play a few more games, please hop on the forums and let us know your favorite strategies. We saw some keen ways to start and some really good moves to counter them. We want to hear how your game evolves. Check out the forums.

For those of you with paper boards looking to make it a bit sturdier, I've added some information to our forums on processes to make it easier. Read about board making, and feel free to chime in.

Contact Us

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