Learn to Play Paikō

Download the Text Quick Guide PDF v.33d: Most folk like this best. Best printed as a one sided color or B&W page.
Download the Illustrated Quick Guide PDF v.33d: Visual learners, come here! Best printed as a two sided color page, folded in half like a pamphlet.
Download the latest Rules v.35a: Consider this an errata with a couple minor rule tweaks and wording changes to version 33d. This does not have all the rules so get a quickguide from above, too!

If you have trouble hearing it, try our
less energetic but louder version

Two Quickguides and a video?

Yep, and you can learn Paiko completely from any of them. If you like concise systematic rules, try the text quick guide! If you like pretty pictures, try the illustrated quick guide instead- it's designed to be folded in half like a pamphlet.

Looking to print the board and tiles or try the Beta?

Find them here.

Give us a hand with the Paikō 3 Player and 4-7 Player Beta Variants

Download the 3 player variant of Paiko v14: Designed to be full of intrigue as befits 3 player games, while keeping a lot of strategies from its 2 player cousin. Updated on Sep 14th.

Download the 4-7 player variant of Paiko v13c: For a 7 player abstract strategy game, this is designed to keep the pace. Updateed Sep 8th- Thanks, playtesters!